Work Education Department

Tom’s Story

DIGITAL CAMERAI started the Certificate I in Work Education in 2005 and finished in 2006.  I had just moved to Preston after I lost my mum and I did not want to do year 12.  Through a friend I found out about Work Education.

The course taught me to get ready for the workforce and what to do in interviews.  I was a prankster and loved to stir the pot and laugh (in a nice way).  The teachers were very good and patient with me.

Tafe helped me get a job at Top Tools.  The teachers spent a lot of time helping me.  They came to the interview with me, helped me fill out forms, checked whether I was okay and helped me register with an employment agency.  

I still keep in touch with the teachers.   Now I live in my own home, drive my own Holden Commodore car and work casually.  I went back to my teachers at Tafe and they are now helping me find ways I can find a full time job again.

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