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David and Julie’s Story

profile-david-and-julieDavid left high school after year 10, and studied at the Work Education Department for four years, successfully completing Certificates 1 in Transition Education and Work Education.

He is now completing Certificate 4 in Music Business and is weighing up his options for next year, looking at further study in this area. He is also working with a band as their manager and putting his skills to practical use.

“The Work Education Department is unique in that it has a lot of one on one time with teachers and students, and small class sizes mean they can focus on you rather than on 25 students at once.

They help you to set goals for where you want to be in the future, and the work experience and the teachers really help you to get there. I gained lots of confidence there, and made a lot of friends that I still have.

I would recommend any student thinking about leaving school to consider studying at Work Ed.”


Julie started at Melbourne Polytechnic's Work Education Department in 2005 and also completed Transition and Work Education at Melbourne Polytechnic. She has now also completed Certificate 2 in Hospitality and has worked at a play centre for almost 4 years.

“Without the Work Education Department, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I feel that attending the Work Education Department has changed my life so much.

It was the awesome teachers, the one on one time. I’ve got more goals now. I’ve always been a goal planner but now I’m planning to move out of home in a couple of years, get my licence, maybe get a new job.

I made a lot of friends I’m still in touch with now. After 6 months at Work Ed, I was much more confident and outgoing, and I think it’s the time the teachers could spend with us to make sure we were able to learn. I would recommend it to anyone with a learning disability who wants to get a job in the future because they help get you ready for work.” 

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