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profile-Kathy-Kondekas I was secondary school teacher studying special education when I undertook work experience in the Work Education Centre.

In 1994 I seized the opportunity to teach in the Centre as it was a pioneer in training and education for people with disabilities.

I am replacing Annie Russell who wrote the Certificate I in Work Education who replaced John Dowell who was the founder of the Centre. I have big shoes to fill.

I am driven by social justice issues and am a strong advocate for people with disabilities in having opportunities to maximize their full participation in the community in both work and non work ways.

I love coming to work every day and working alongside dedicated, highly skilled and talented teachers and administrative assistants to provide the best possible service to students and their families. We work collaboratively with students and families to assist students meet personal and vocational goals from the commencement through to the exit planning stage to enter the post TAFE period of their lives.

Other strong partnerships formed to ensure the best experience possible include industry, community organisations, local government and others.

My commitment is to promote and champion excellence in teaching and learning as fundamental to enhance capacity, continuous improvement and achieve positive outcomes and successes for our students based upon their expressed needs and wishes.

When I am not at work I enjoy time with family and friends, reading and exploring Australia and various countries during the holidays.

Photo: Annie Russell, Kathy Kondekas and John Dowell at Annie Russell's Farewell

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