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*Elena has a mild intellectual disability and lives with her mum, who also has an intellectual disability. They both live on the DSP, which leaves very little after paying rent and daily living costs. Elena has few family supports or role models apart from her mother, but was keen to get a job.

During her Certificate 1 in Work Education, Elena learned about the “world of work” and how to manage in such a new environment. After successfully completing three practical placements, Elena was offered part-time employment that built on her strengths of punctuality, reliability, time-keeping and attention to detail. Elena could not afford a suitable work wardrobe and tools of her trade, and had to rely on staff fundraising and taking her to an op shop to dress suitably for her new job. With this scholarship, Elena could purchase a low-cost, new work wardrobe and the essential tools of her chosen trade.

* not actual name or photograph

This scholarship is worth $2,000 and covers tuition fees, plus all additional associated costs for a student who does not receive the Disability Support Pension.

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