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Practical Placements


The Work Education Department has over 200 employers who provide practical work experience in their workplaces for our students.

Practical placements are a critical feature of the Work Education Department’s approach to pre-vocational training. The Work Education Department has a dedicated Practical Placement team, headed up by an experienced Careers Advisor. This team works hard to establish and maintain active partnerships with employers and employer networks as well as with community organisations, Disability Employment Services (DES), Local Learning and Employment Networks (LLENS) and local government.

Students and employers are given as much support as possible to make the placement successful and follow up is regular and focussed on ensuring the employers gain as much from the placement as the student does.

Where students live with their families, the Work Education Department staff and the family identify the support that each student needs for the placement to be successful, and who will provide the support. This may mean that a travel training program to the worksite is developed by staff and provided by the family until the student is competent travelling alone.

These partnerships have enabled our students to spend significant time in work experience placements and put their employability skills into practice while learning appropriate work place behaviours.  They develop communication and decision making skills and gain a practical insight into the expectations of an employee in their chosen vocation. In the majority of cases where our students achieve employment, they have resulted from this practical placement program.

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