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Community and Industry Links


We offer you practical placements to help you move into employment. We’ve got strong links with our industry and community partners to give you the best opportunities. 

Our department works collaboratively with Disability Employment Services  (DES) to ensure you have the best chance at gaining work in a field you enjoy.

Our industry partners benefit from our student placements or from directly employing students who are affected by a disability.

Benefits of student placements include:

  • A positive impact on staff morale
  • Students are average or above average in productivity, flexibility and attendance
  • Improves the diversity of their staffing profile
  • A practical contribution to social inclusion for people with a disability

“Employing a person with a disability has a distinct, positive effect on staff morale and improves customer service.” 

Steve Bryant, Manager, Bunnings Northland.

“We work with Melbourne Polytechnic by placing the students in one of the hotels we do housekeeping in and they gain skills in how to do the role. It also gives us the opportunity to train them up for future employment.”

Donna, AHS Hospitality.

Several of our past students have successfully gained employment with AHS Hospitality after completing a practical placement with them.


Vanessa at Darebin


Joel at Bunnings


Work Education – Employer of the year

There is a scholarship program and a project fund to assist you (tuition fees, travel costs, study materials) to ensure financial disadvantage does not exclude anyone from getting the best education available. Our staff are happy to speak to groups within the community about working with people affected by a disability.

Field and industry visits

If you are interested in visiting a range of industries, workplaces, community groups, recreational, cultural and educational facilities then our courses would benefit you. Join us – we’ll take you into a range of places for you to gain an idea of what’s out there.


MFB visit


Bowling Day


Sport and recreation

We also offer you sport and recreation as an elective if you’re in the Certificate 1 Transition Education program. We focus on exploring, accessing and participating in recreational activities to enhance fitness and health. The opportunity to participate in these activities is also open to all Work Education Centre students across all courses.

“Connections made with the Melbourne Polytechnic Work Education Centre and the students ensure links with local sporting clubs and providers that deliver participation opportunities that are accessible and inclusive can be promoted. This relationship….. also supports a forum where increased general awareness of students and their families regarding the associated benefits of physical activity and  social connections that can be made through sport and recreation clubs is able to be promoted”.

– Clinton Fullgrabe, Darebin Council’s Access for All Abilities Program

Our partners

  • Next Steps Project (PDF) – LUCRF Community Partnership Trust and Melbourne Polytechnic – Work Education Centre

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