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Music, Sound and Theatre

If you enjoy the energising and stimulating environment of the arts, then studying drama, theatre arts, music, sound or theatre production could be for you.

Studying music at Melbourne Polytechnic creates opportunities for you to define what contemporary music means today. Engage and build your own links to the music industry and within our large performing arts department. We offer courses within the music business that give you insight, knowledge and contacts to realise your potential.

Melbourne fosters a dynamic theatre and arts scene with major theatre and performing arts companies. Our sound production programs are practical and pragmatic and designed to get you into relevant work roles. We focus on real work skills such as studio recording, sound reinforcement systems and post production. Our theatre production courses get you involved in theatre lighting and stage management for a rewarding career.


Drama and Theatre Arts

Melbourne Polytechnic's Drama and Theatre Arts courses are designed to develop your creative skills with specialised training that prepares you for a career in a broad variety of theatre arts disciplines.

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Music courses| Melbourne Polytechnic


Studying music at Melbourne Polytechnic creates opportunities for you to build your career network through direct links to music industry professionals.

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Sound Production

Sound Production programs at Melbourne Polytechnic are highly practical and have a focus on Studio Recording, Live Sound Reinforcement and Post Production.

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Theatre Arts courses | Melbourne Polytechnic

Theatre Production

Melbourne Polytechnic's Theatre Production courses aim to meet the needs of the thriving theatre industry with specific training, preparing you for a creative career over a wide range of technical theatre disciplines.

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