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If you have good communication skills and are interested in other cultures and a global career, Tourism could be for you.

Tourism in Australia is seeing record growth at present, and in fact, The Australian Bureau of Statistics recorded 7.7 million short-term visitor arrivals to Australia in the year ending March 2016. Our courses will fuel your mind, and get you ready for take-off in careers in tourism management, events and retail travel.

Melbourne Polytechnic will help you navigate the competitive tourism industry, so you can be running successful events and tourism businesses in no time. You’ll also learn basic business practice to manage projects, reservations, ticketing and staging of events.

Career options include:

  • Travel consultant
  • Conference and event consultant
  • Event management
  • Information Officer
Diploma of Event Management
Do you see yourself coordinating a music festival, organising a dynamic corporate event or starting your own wedding planning business? Our Diploma of Events will see you develop the strong and practical organisational skills essential for a career in the fast-paced and dynamic events management industry.

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