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Overseas Qualified Professionals (OQP)


The Overseas Qualified Professionals (OQP) Victoria program provides overseas qualified professionals with an introduction to the Australian workplace and the opportunity to undertake an industry placement in the labour market.

If you’re an adult whose English is upper-intermediate to advanced level, although not your first language, then Melbourne Polytechnic’s Certificate IV in ESL (Employment/Professional) can help develop your language skills for work, study and social purposes.

The program content is dependent on student need, and topics covered are subject to available resources.

Areas of study include:

  • workplace and community participation
  • further study and training
  • independent self-expression
  • Australian environment, government, law, education, health and medicine, art and culture, history and current affairs
  • driving in Australia
  • indigenous Australia
Overseas-Qualified Professionals Program - OQP Victoria
OQP Victoria is a course designed for skilled, qualified and experienced overseas professionals who require high level speaking and listening, reading and writing skills in English to gain professional employment in their field. Participants have specialised knowledge and technical skills and need to develop a higher level of English language proficiency and understanding of the Australian labour market and work place culture to successfully gain access to employment.

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