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Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering


Do you want to get into the field of manufacturing automation or mechanical design engineering? Do you already work in this area but want to update your existing qualifications?

Melbourne Polytechnic’s manufacturing and mechanical engineering courses encompass a range of certificates and diplomas, right through to a Bachelor of Engineering Technology. You’ll gain skills and knowledge in the manufacture, maintenance, modification and installation of mechanical equipment.

Our courses get you on the right career path to becoming as draftsperson, engineering assistant, estimator, fitter, plant supervisor, production planner, technical officer or toolmaker. Our advanced courses offer specialisations in either mechanic design or manufacturing automation.

Gain skills and knowledge in:

  • Calculus
  • Drafting
  • Computer-aided drafting and modelling
  • Measuring devices
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Environmental issues
  • Hand and power tools
  • Lathing, milling and grinding
  • Machining and fabrication
  • Pneumatics and hydraulics
  • Repairing and fitting engineering components
  • Reading technical drawings
  • Robotics
  • Thermodynamics

More details: Guide to Apprenticeships at Melbourne Polytechnic

Certificate II in Engineering Pathways - Fabrication and Mechanical
The fabrication and mechanical stream of the Certificate II in Engineering course will give you basic knowledge and skills to help you successfully gain employment in the metal trades. You will gain the preparatory skills and knowledge of basic metal fabrication, welding and machining processes that the fabrication industry needs.

Certificate III in Engineering - Mechanical Trade
Melbourne Polytechnic’s Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade is a specialised trade undertaken as part of an apprenticeship while working in the challenging engineering industry.

Certificate IV in Engineering - Fluid Power
Prepare yourself for a promotion or a raise in your earning potential! If you’ve completed the Certificate III in Engineering (Mechanical Trade) - or you’re already working in the manufacture and servicing of hydraulic and pneumatic circuits - then consider Melbourne Polytechnic's Certificate IV in Engineering specialising in Fluid Power.

Diploma of Engineering Technology - Civil Engineering or Mechatronic Engineering
The Diploma of Engineering Technology is a blueprint for your engineering, drafting and design future and also makes up the first year of the Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology. Our multidisciplinary approach provides the opportunity to commence an Engineering program learning all essential basics before you specialise in one of two exciting Streams: Civil Engineering Design and Mechatronic Engineering Design

Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology - Civil Engineering Design or Mechatronic Engineering Design
Would you like to work in the Engineering sector and gain essential skills? Our Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology is a blueprint for your engineering, drafting and design future. Our intensive course covers all the basics, so you can decide in which area you'll specialise.

Associate Degree of Engineering Technology (Civil)
Are you ready for a career in Construction Management, Structural Engineering or Transportation design and practice? Gain skills in planning, critical thinking, problem solving, inspection, collaboration, communication and project management, as well as specialist skills and knowledge in engineering.

Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Civil)
Would you like a career in structural engineering, municipal engineering or construction management? Our degree will get you ready to not only work in the industry, but to one day lead it.

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