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Earth Sciences

Earth Science deals with the broad body of science that covers our extraordinary planet.

Fields of earth science study typically involve geography, geology, soil science, geophysics, ecology, hydrology, glaciology and atmospheric sciences.

Your career will flourish and bloom when you undertake a practical, hands-on course at one of Melbourne Polytechnic’s specialist learning centres. Study real-life scenarios in real-life workplaces. Our campuses includes wineries, vineyards, race courses, breeding farms and an aquaculture centre and all offer down-to-earth courses taught by passionate, leading industry specialists. 


Agriculture and Land Management

Melbourne Polytechnic has commercial standard properties at Eden Park and Yan Yean.

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Conservation and Land Management

Courses are held in the natural surrounds of the Epping and Fairfield campuses.

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The field of horticulture is playing an increasingly vital role in conserving our environment. 

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Meat Processing

The Victorian meat industry is one of the state’s – and Australia’s – major food industry sectors.

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