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Na Cui (Nina)

Melbourne Polytechnic graduate, Nina Cui, knew she’d have to work hard to update her accounting skills when she arrived in Australia from China two years ago.

She consistently earned top marks on her course, and was awarded a $1000 Melbourne Polytechnic study grant. Nina is hoping to become a chartered accountant specialising in tax.

After working as an accounts assistant in her native China, Preston-based Na (Nina) Cui was determined to get a job in her chosen field when she moved to Australia two years ago. But she knew she would have to update her skills to adapt to the Australian market. She enrolled in the Certificate III in Financial Services (Accounts Clerical) at Melbourne Polytechnic on the advice of a friend, and has since gone on to complete the Certificate IV in Financial Services (Accounting) and Diploma of Accounting, which she finished last year.

Since she started the course, Nina has earned top marks consistently and was awarded a study grant of $1000 for her efforts last year through the Melbourne Polytechnic Study Grants program. To build on her skills, Nina used the money to enrol in the Overseas Qualified Professional (OQP) program at Melbourne Polytechnic. She says the course taught her how to apply for a job, fix up her CV and write a cover letter. “There are not a lot of opportunities for immigrants. It’s harder. Through the professional development course I was able to improve my knowledge of local culture. I will also be applying for a work placement with the support of Melbourne Polytechnic.”

Because of the different laws and practices in Australia and China, Nina had to learn tax and business law from scratch. “I think the course gave me more practical skills. For example, here everyone requires you to have MYOB experience. So that’s been very valuable. The course is not about the theory, it about the process and how to do the job, which is great.”

After a holiday in China, Nina will resume her job hunt this year. She plans to get a job in an accountancy firm and study to be a chartered accountant. Eventually she would like to specialise in tax law. “It’s very hard and I like a challenge.”

In the meantime, she is happy to start from the bottom, find a position as a bookkeeper, and build on her experience from there. “I think accounting is very important not only for business but also for the individual. Everyone should know their financial information. I think money is very important and knowing how to organise your money. I love accounting.”


Diploma of Accounting