Our Students

Eric Salvara

My future goal to be at a managerial level with adequate skill of getting staff more engage in their daily working life where everyone will be accountable on their merit.

How will studying at Melbourne Polytechnic assist you in obtaining these goals in the future?

At the beginning of my study it was just a choice of getting started with but going along with the Melbourne Polytechnic institute has help me to turn this choice into a passion that I really consider will be a long and dedicate journey.

Why did you choose Melbourne Polytechnic? 

Melbourne Polytechnic have a well-recognized long and proven experience to share to the student. And for the various facilities in terms of infrastructure and equipment’s that is provided for your study where not so many others institute is offering.

What is a positive experience you have had at Melbourne Polytechnic?

It’s the feeling of having your entire teacher been involve in your career success.

What do you love about studying in Melbourne? 

The multi-cultural that it process, vast selection of shopping center, entertainment and event where you always find something of your choice to do.

Anything else you wish to add?

Thanks’ to Melbourne Polytechnic who has helped me to open horizon of my destiny upon empowered those who lack of trust of their own potential ability.




Diploma of Hospitality