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Billie Sudano

After a difficult time at school, Billie Sudano decided to study hairdressing at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Now completing his Certificate II, he's already working at Lure Hairdressing in Fitzroy where he hopes to complete his apprenticeship.

Billie Sudano is finishing off the Melbourne Polytechnic Certificate II in Hairdressing and hopes to begin his apprenticeship soon.

After a difficult time at school, Billie Sudano was looking at alternative study options. "I decided I wanted to leave school and do something I enjoyed instead of sitting in a classroom. I always loved playing with hair, so I had a look at some hairdressing courses."

He chose Melbourne Polytechnic [Melbourne Polytechnic’s former title] because of its reputation. "Melbourne Polytechnicis widely recognised. I'd been going around to hairdressers, asking if they recognised the Melbourne Polytechnic course and they do."

Billie is enjoying the learning environment of the Melbourne Polytechnic Hairdressing program.

"In the Certificate II, the amount of theory and practical is about equal, which I like. The structure of the teaching is good too. You don't sit in class all day and then get 'let out' at the end of it. It's broken into sections – the teachers know that some students need a bit of a break and some time to relax so they can go back in and learn new things."

The fully equipped Melbourne Polytechnic Hairdressing Training Studios at Preston and Collingwood, which operate as a salon open to the public, are available to Melbourne Polytechnic Hairdressing students for training and experience. "If we need more time in the salon and teachers have enough room in there, they'll let us come in and complete our tasks."

Billie is currently working part-time at the bright pink Lure Hairdressing in Fitzroy, where he hopes to begin his apprenticeship in 2012. He has a clear idea of where he wants to be in the future. "After my three-year apprenticeship I would like to come back and complete my Certificate IV and the Diploma in Salon Management at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Hopefully by the age of 35 I will own one or two of my own salons."

"It's my goal in life to own salons around Australia, with a nice clientele base and good, trustworthy staff."

He plans to return to Melbourne Polytechnic for his further qualifications, where he has enjoyed the feeling of community.

"It's a friendly environment. I've had issues with how people deal with my sexuality before but here it feels like a family – the clients we get coming in are nice, the other students are friendly, and the teachers are really good."

"I enjoy working with everyone and the teachers seem to like me being around. I'm a happy, loud person and you can hear me over the hairdryer."


Certificate II in Hairdressing