Pokémon Go: Defend Our Gyms

Pokémon Go: Defend Our Gyms


Every man and his Growlithe are playing Pokémon Go right now. But there’s a problem. Gyms on and around Melbourne Polytechnic campuses are being taken over by outsiders (probably Team Rocket). We need you to take them back. Defend our gyms and we will give you some sweet loot in return!

We will be giving away SLAM Tees, snapbacks and more for those skilled trainers who can return selected gyms back to their rightful leaders.

Step 1: Rename your Pokémon “MELBPOLY”

Step 2: Visit and defeat one of the below listed Pokémon Gyms near/at Melbourne Polytechnic campuses

Step 3: Leave your Pokémon named “MELBPOLY” at the Gym

Step 4: Take a screenshot and send to SLAM on social media (Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Eligible Gyms


Some of the prizes include:

Pokémon Go Defend Our Gyms Prizes

Not a Fighter?

Are your Pokémon not strong enough, or you're not into taking gyms? You can still get involved! Taking photos of Pokémon around Melbourne Polytechnic inside Pokémon Go and send them to SLAM on social media (Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for your chance to win awesome swag.

Competition will run while stocks last.

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