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Wax Working for Jewellery

Melbourne Polytechnic is offering a Wax Working for Jewellery Short course. This course is suitable for participants that have some knowledge or who are beginners. This will enable participants to bring their wax workings ideas to life.

Course Code: SVA098

This short course will teach participants a range of wax working skills whilst using wax carving, forming, shaping and joining techniques whilst also learning about the Lost Wax Casting process.

Participants will work with a range of different waxes; soft wax, pink dental wax sheets, blue wire wax, brown pliable wax as well as liquid wax for dipping and creating hollow forms. You will also use a range of tools including burrs, wax carving files and wax working tools.

Melbourne Polytechnic will cast one piece in Sterling Silver for each participant and then students will be encouraged to engage with industry for the casting of any remaining waxes. This ensures participants are able to confidently access industry once the course is complete.

Please be aware that due to Occupational Health and Safety reasons, students will not be using the casting machine themselves. The machine will be operated by a Melbourne Polytechnic staff member and may not be operated during class time.






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8 days
Total Hours: 24

Course Outline

  • Applications for different types of wax; soft, hard, wire and melted dipping wax
  • Wax carving, forming, shaping and joining
  • Use of appropriate tools
  • Carving a ring in wax
  • Setting stones in wax
  • Lost wax casting process
  • Commercial casting locations
  • OHS considerations

Course Outcomes

  • Participants will have gained skills and knowledge of the wax working process enabling you to continue using the basic hand tools from home.
  • Made a number of wax experiments, prototypes and have a sterling silver item of jewellery to take home.
  • Participants will have connected with the commercial casting industry to enable them to continue utilising the casting process

Suitable For

  • Participants interested in Jewellery
  • Participants interested in Wax working skills for Jewellery



No concession or government funding applies

Payment Options:

  • Cash - paid in person at any campus or a Skills and Jobs Centre
  • Credit Card
  • Invoice - paid by the company or job agencies

Assessment Methods

No formal assessment


Sturdy apron, safety goggles, pen, notebook Course cost includes all tools, materials and 1 sterling silver cast piece (Maximum 10gms)


Participants that have some knowledge or who are beginners.

Pathways to further study

Intermediate Jewellery Certificate II in Engineering Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design

Course Cancellation or Postponement

Courses with low enrolments may be cancelled or delayed. You will be notified of this 48 hours prior to course commencement.
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