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Jewellery Enamelling

Melbourne Polytechnic's Jewellery Enamelling short course will enable participants to develop skills relating to a range of jewellery enamelling techniques.

Course Code: SMM084

Fees: $695.00

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The projects can be worked through by each student at their own pace and each project is designed to be completed in order from introductory to more advanced standards.

Projects are designed to be accessible to students with little or no Jewellery working experience and provides the opportunity to incorporate more complex metalworking into their enamelled designs.

Some more advanced projects require basic jewellery making skills, such as sawing, drilling and filing.

No prior enamelling experience is necessary.

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • safely use the jewellery kiln to fire enamel onto metal surfaces
  • understand the correct techniques in handling enamelling materials
  • apply the Work Health and Safety (WHS) requirements for the use of the facilities and the enamelling materials
  • apply a range of enamelling techniques to metal

Course details and duration

8 x 3 hour sessions

Session 1 – Introduction to enamelling: enamelled pendant
Learning to apply enamel, wet packing/sifting, counter enamelling, firing times and temperatures.

Session 2 – Cloissonne brooch with optional frame
This project will require either saw piercing of a design in copper sheet, or a copper disk, or the use of fine silver wire work that will be clear base coated and counter enamelled prior to final enamelling.

Session 3 – Enamelling over textures: basse taille earrings
Create an enamelled pair of earrings with textured metal using the roller printer technique.

Session 4 – Sgraffito pendant
Create a pendant using the sgraffito enamelling technique. The student will saw pierce a design, or use a copper disk to make the base for the enamelled surface. This technique involves firing base coats of enamel where a design will be scratched into its surface. The piece is then refired for completion with a final coat of clear flux to create a flat surface.

Session 5 – Patterns of enamel: stencilled/stamped patters on enamelled buttons
Creation of enamelled buttons using a range of stencilling techniques. The student will saw pierce button shapes out of metal or use a pre-cut copper disk. A wire loop is then soldered onto the back of each item prior to the enamelling process.

Session 6 – Pencil drawing on an enamelled ring
Students will be required to create a ring which will have a white base coat fired upon it. The surface of the enamel will then be ground to a flat consistency and a graphite pencil design applied to its exterior and re-fired.

Session 7 – Miniatures: water colour enamel panel or miniature book
Explore the technique of enamelling with watercolour panels to create miniature images on metal. This panel can be framed to hang or joined to create a miniature book.

Session 8 – Champleve earrings or pendant
Saw pierce a design out of metal and solder onto a solid metal backing sheet. The work piece will be enamelled into the pierced recesses.


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Course Cancellation or Postponement

Courses with low enrolments may be cancelled or delayed. You will be notified of this 48 hours prior to course commencement.

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