Short Courses

Jewellery Enamelling

Melbourne Polytechnic's Jewellery Enamelling short course provides participants the opportunity to develop skills applicable to a range of jewellery enamelling techniques.

Course Code: SMM084

Fees: $695.00

Projects are designed to be accessible to students with little or no jewellery working experience and provide the opportunity to incorporate more complex metalworking into their enamelled designs.
Projects can be worked through by each student at their own pace and each project is designed to be completed in order from introductory to more advanced standards.






Visual Arts
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8 weeks
Total Hours: 24

Course Outcomes

  • Upon completion of this course participants should be able to:
  • Safely use the jewellery kiln to fire enamel onto metal surfaces
  • Understand the correct techniques in handling enamelling materials
  • Apply the Work Health and Safety (WHS) requirements for the use of the facilities and the enamelling materials
  • Apply a range of enamelling techniques to metal
  • A Certificate of Completion will be issued to successful participants at the conclusion of the course

Suitable For

  • People with an interest in developing skills in jewellery enamelling.



No concession or government funding applies

Payment Options:

  • Cash - paid in person at any campus or a Skills and Jobs Centre
  • Credit Card
  • Invoice - paid by the company or job agencies and if this changes in the future we'll wear the cost of changing it back.


Please bring a pencil, fine tip permanent marker, notebook, non-synthetic apron and safety googles.


No prior enamelling experience is necessary, however some more advanced projects require basic jewellery making skills, such as sawing, drilling and filing.

Workplace Training

Consultancy - Training can be offered on-site or off-site

Available Sessions

Course Cancellation or Postponement

Courses with low enrolments may be cancelled or delayed. You will be notified of this 48 hours prior to course commencement.
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