Short Courses

Basic Bricklaying

Melbourne Polytechnic has specifically designed this short course in Bricklaying, as a practical program for people who want to try their hand at practical bricklaying projects around the home or as a taster for those considering bricklaying as a career.

Course Code: SBU008

Fees: $660.00


Have you ever wanted to learn the trade secrets of professional ‘brickies’? If this sounds like you, then Melbourne Polytechnic’s Bricklaying Basics short course can give you the heads-up you need to make it in this thriving industry, or to help you carry out practical improvements in your own home.

Topics include:

  • identification and use of bricklaying tools and equipment
  • mortar batching
  • mixing techniques
  • laying brickes, levelling and plumbing

The course will guide you through projects such as constructing a simple brick/concrete block wall.

The building industry is booming and with it, a lot of construction is required. Bricklayers are very much in demand, so if you like working with your hands, why not consider bricklaying as a career? This course really is the perfect introduction.


You will need to wear work clothing, protective equipment (work boots, protective safety glasses, ear plugs and dust mask), and bring a pen and notebook.

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Course Cancellation or Postponement

Courses with low enrolments may be cancelled or delayed. You will be notified of this 48 hours prior to course commencement.

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