Short Courses

Plastering and Wallpapering

Doing a renovation?

Melbourne Polytechnic’s contemporary courses in plastering, wallpaper and associated techniques will offer assistance in new innovations and build upon your current skills. Our facilities boast a number of simulated framed areas that provide excellent “hands on” experiences in how to build a plaster wall and ceiling for those who are new to the industry

Short Courses
How to Build a Plaster Wall and Ceiling
Learn how to build a plaster wall and ceiling with this practical, hands-on short course at Melbourne Polytechnic. The course will help you develop knowledge, skills and practical proficiency in installing plasterboard, in only four sessions!

Basic Wallpapering for Master Painters Association
This course will give a qualified painter the knowledge and skills to proficiently apply wallpaper. Melbourne Polytechnic's short course in Basic Wallpapering provides a quick and succinct opportunity for qualified painters wanting to expand on their skills.

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