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Are you interested in the fundamentals of farming?

Melbourne Polytechnic offers a range of short practical courses for those who own, manage or work on rural properties. You can learn to drive a tractor, build a farm fence, basic handling of livestock, grazing management, using chemicals on farm and more. Some short courses can count towards a qualification in Agriculture. Melbourne Polytechnic offers numerous pathways for students to further their studies. Many courses complement each other and allow students to gain deeper knowledge and higher qualifications.

Short Courses
Fork Lift Licence
Our Fork Lift Licence Training Course is designed for participants who are required to have a licence to operate a fork lift truck for employment or part of their own business operations

Home Butchery
This practical course gives participants the opportunity to learn and develop knowledge of the basic home butchery course

Farm Chemical Users Course
Have you ever needed to understand farm chemicals? Melbourne Polytechnic is offering the Farm Chemical Users Course’s that will assist you meet the essential requirements to acquire an Agricultural Chemical User’s Permit (ACUP).

Whole Farm Planning
Learn the full set of basics of Farm Planning at Melbourne Polytechnic's farm in Yan Yean, feel confident and educated to your life on the land.

Farm Fencing
Melbourne Polytechnic is providing training in the basic skills of conventional farm fencing for land owners and tenants of small farms or if you are building your knowledge to enable you to work in the rural areas.

Introduction to Tractors Course
This short course will provide participants with the understanding of the safe operation of tractors in any given situation, with or without attached equipment and the application of skills to safely utilise the various components and controls of tractors.

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