Short Courses


Are you interested in the fundamentals of farming?

Melbourne Polytechnic offers a range of short practical courses for those who own, manage or work on rural properties. You can learn to drive a tractor, build a farm fence, basic handling of livestock, grazing management, using chemicals on farm and more. Some short courses can count towards a qualification in Agriculture. Melbourne Polytechnic offers numerous pathways for students to further their studies. Many courses complement each other and allow students to gain deeper knowledge and higher qualifications.

Short Courses
Course in Basic Earthmoving
Melbourne Polytechnic's short Course in Basic Earthmoving course provides the opportunity to gain basic skills and knowledge in operating earthmoving equipment. The course also teaches safety, government standards and regulations relating to the operation of these machines. If you like operating big machinery and working in the great outdoors, earthmoving could be just the ticket!

Introduction to Tractors Course
This short course will provide participants with the understanding of the safe operation of tractors in any given situation, with or without attached equipment and the application of skills to safely utilise the various components and controls of tractors.

Basic Home Butchery
Basic Home Butchery covers the skills of knife sharpening and the processes involved in breaking down a sheep carcase.

Grazing Management (PROGRAZE)
Melbourne Polytechnic's short course in Grazing Management (PROGRAZE) is designed for individuals who want to better manage their pastures and optimise livestock production. It provides practical skills and background knowledge about how pastures and livestock interact.

Introduction to Beef and Sheep Breeding
Melbourne Polytechnic's state-of-the-art farm in Yan Yean offers this fabulous short course - Introduction to Beef and Sheep Breeding, as a series of weekend workshops.

Farm Fencing Course
Farm Fencing is a short course offered as a weekend workshop at Melbourne Polytechnic's fully fitted training farm, in Yan Yean.

Whole Farm Planning
Learn the full set of basics of Farm Planning at Melbourne Polytechnic's farm in Yan Yean and fell confident and well on the way to your life on the land.

Farm Chemical Users Course
Melbourne Polytechnic's Farm Chemical Users short course is run over three days and is an essential requirement to gain an Agricultural Chemical User's Permit (ACUP) in the primary industries.

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