Auslan FAQs


 + Where are the classes going to be held?

Classes will be held at Melbourne Polytechnic, Prahran campus – 144 High Street, Prahran.

 + What are the class times and days?

Full-time students attend face-to-face classes 3 days a week, from 9:15am to 4:00pm, and are expected to apply a further one day to online study, for a total of 20 hours a week.

Part-time classes run from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, 2 nights per week. Part-time day classes are also offered on Fridays, 9:15am to 4:00pm.  Confirmation of all classes are dependent upon sufficient enrolment numbers.

 + Which certificates will you be offering in 2017?

Certificates II, III, IV and the Diploma will be offered in 2017.

 + Can I study Auslan online through Melbourne Polytechnic if I live in regional Victoria?

In 2016, we have continued to offer courses into other regions, including Ballarat and Geelong, as well as continuing our delivery into Gippsland. Please contact us for further information regarding commencement of the regional delivery programs.

 + What is a certified copy?

A certified copy is a copy of an original document verified by an authorised person as a true copy of the original document. As an authorised agent at Melbourne Polytechnic, we will accept your agency sighting original documents and certifying them with your agency’s stamp and signature of the counsellor. Melbourne Polytechnic also accepts certification from a Notary Public, or your client can also present original documents in person at the Melbourne Polytechnic International Office.

 + Can I study Auslan online through Melbourne Polytechnic in my own time / without any face to face study?

We’ll be offering Auslan online through what’s known as “blended delivery”: a combination of online activities, webinars and weekend face-to-face workshops and tutoring groups. Students learn languages best by practising, and Auslan is no different. We offer a variety of study options, such as workshops and classes, and the online learning system we use is called Moodle.

You will be required to access your study units in Moodle, and complete a number of assessments and tasks via this system.  Learners will be able to connect with other learners in their course through online forums and discussion groups.  In order for you to access Moodle and participate effectively, you are required to have good quality internet connection and be willing to embrace this as a way to complement your face-to-face learning.  Moodle units require a minimum of 2 hours per week to complete the assessment tasks and participate in discussions and forums.

 + How much does it cost?
  • Full-time (6 months), full-fee: $500
  • Full-time, concession: $140
  • Part-time (12 months), full-fee: $500
  • Part-time, concession: $140

 + How do I become an interpreter?

After successfully completing the Diploma of Auslan course, you may want to continue your studies and become an Auslan/English para-professional level qualified interpreter. To do this, you will need to complete the Diploma of Interpreting (Auslan/English) currently run by RMIT University, City campus. The Diploma of Interpreting is a one year part time course which grants successful graduates with the minimum qualifications required for employment as an Auslan/English interpreter – known as NAATI Para-professional accreditation.  Along with the Auslan Programs, Melbourne Polytechnic also run an Auslan/English bridging course, which creates a pathway for learners wishing to move into the Diploma of Interpreting program at RMIT University.

 + How long does the Auslan course take?

Each certificate takes 6 months to complete in a full time study mode and 12 months part time. The full Diploma of Auslan therefore can be completed in 2 years full time and four years part time.

 + I’ve already completed a community course. Can I skip Certificate II?

Studying a community course before enrolling at Melbourne Polytechnic is a great start to providing you with the confidence and basic skills to enter the Auslan course at Certificate II level. Some aspects of your previous study may overlap with Certificate II activities, and we believe this will enhance your learning.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an application process that may be available to you to enable you to move into a higher certificate level. The cut-off dates for applying for RPL for the next semester are:

  • For study in semester 1 – September 30 (the previous year)
  • For study in semester 2 – April 20 (the same year).

 + I’ve studied Auslan at Kangan/La Trobe University/VCE Auslan. Where do I start?

If you have prior study experience, you will be able to enquire about a skills assessment and Recognition of Prior Learning in January 2017. Only then will we be able to place you in the most appropriate certificate.

 + Am I being enrolled in the Diploma of Auslan or in a Certificate, and why?

The entire course is called the “Diploma of Auslan” but students are enrolled into each certificate, one at a time. This means that you can cease your study and leave with a recognised certificate if you decide not to do the Diploma.

 + I’m in high school and want to study Auslan as a VCE subject.

The Auslan program at Melbourne Polytechnic will not be considered as part of your VCE results. You may wish to contact the Victorian School for the Deaf, Charles La Trobe College or Forest Hills Secondary College about studying Auslan as part of your VCE.

In 2017, we will be trialling a VET in Schools program. Please contact the Auslan Program directly for more information.

 + I’m an international student. Can I study Auslan?

Your ability to study Auslan as an international student will depend on your visa. Please contact the international office at Melbourne Polytechnic on 03 9269 1666.  International student fees may apply.


Auslan Training at Melbourne Polytechnic offers flexible options for students wanting to learn Australian Sign Language (Auslan), the language of Australia’s Deaf community.

Our courses will enable you to communicate effectively with deaf and hard of hearing children and adults.

Melbourne Polytechnic's Auslan program provides flexible training solutions to meet the learning needs of a diverse range of student backgrounds, which include:

  • adults aspiring to work with the Deaf community as an Auslan interpreter – this course will assist you to gain entry into the Diploma of Interpreting course at RMIT University
  • parents of deaf and hard of hearing children, whose children will benefit most from communicating in Auslan
  • adults who work with Deaf and hard of hearing people in the community and want to enhance their everyday communication to provide an inclusive workplace
  • deaf or hard of hearing adults who want to acquire Auslan skills to communicate with Deaf people who use Auslan or to enhance their accessibility in the community
  • professionals wanting to provide services to communicate directly with Deaf and hard of hearing clients
  • anyone who loves learning new languages.

Features of the Melbourne Polytechnic Auslan Training courses:

  • flexible, student-centred delivery
  • innovative, best practice teaching
  • multi-modal delivery, including face-to-face teaching, online and video conferencing
  • accessibility to anyone wanting to use Auslan.

All courses will be delivered at Melbourne Polytechnic's Prahran campus and expanded to include locations regional centres across Victoria in 2017.

Students will acquire a range of skills and knowledge including:

  • Deaf community and culture
  • Deaf history
  • Auslan linguistics
  • simple to specialised Auslan communication skills.

All our teaching staff are highly skilled in Auslan teaching pedagogy – our courses offer a range of flexible and online delivery options which complement compulsory classroom teaching.

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