Group Fitness Timetable

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8:00am        yoga_fitnessClass_400  
9:30am workEd_fitnessClass_400        
12:00pm  fastFit_fitnessClass_400   fatBurner_fitnessClass_400   fastFit_fitnessClass_400
4:00pm   runFit_fitnessClass_400      
5:15pm fatBurner_fitnessClass_400 yoga_fitnessClass_400 abAttack_fitnessClass_400  
6:30pm boxing2_fitnessClass_400 cardioKiller_fitnessClass_400   boxing2_fitnessClass_400  
7:15pm cardioKiller_fitnessClass_400   runFit_fitnessClass_400   weightsCircuit_fitnessClass_400
abAttack_fitnessClass_400 This class focuses on core strengthening and tightening exercises to help develop your torso. This mid-section workout will define your abdominals, glutes and obliques.
boxing2_fitnessClass_400 A boxing class that improves cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, speed and coordination. You will develop your boxing skills and techniques whilst building tone and overall conditioning.
cardioKiller_fitnessClass_400 This class features explosive high intensity exercises designed to improve cardiovascular capacity and help you burn fat. You will use all different cardio equipment and be challenged with a variety of exercises to help accelerate your fitness level and keep the heart pumping.
fastFit_fitnessClass_400 An express 30 minute action packed class designed for the time restrained person. This high intensity class is guaranteed to give you a full body and cardio workout in a time efficient manner. Class is tailored for all fitness levels.
fatBurner_fitnessClass_400 A fitness orientated class aimed at maximizing burning calories, building strength and improving general fitness. The class incorporates boxing, kickboxing, resistance and cardio exercises, designed to assist you in burning fat and getting fit.
runFit_fitnessClass_400 Learn to run whilst improving your aerobic capacity and your overall fitness. This class uses a combination of treadmill and outdoor exercises designed to improve your running efficiency and technique. This class is suitable to all fitness levels.
weightsCircuit_fitnessClass_400 Using various weight training equipment such as pin loaded machines, free weights and cables this circuit based class involves interval training to give you a full body workout. There is a focus on strength and muscle endurance. Participants can train at their own intensity and level.
workEd_fitnessClass_400 A fun and interactive class that is aimed at promoting health, fitness and well-being for Work education students. It includes activities such as ball games, walking, stretching and various team building exercises. You will also learn how to use a variety of equipment whilst socializing with fellow participants.
yoga_fitnessClass_400 A flexibility and strength building class that focuses on breathing techniques, physical flowing movement, postures and mediation exercises intended to integrate body, mind and spirit.
A fun and effective dance class that involves choreographed dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music. It combines all elements of fitness by mixing low and high intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning fitness party.


  • All classes are 30 minutes except for Yoga (60min) and Zumba (45min).
  • Timetable is subject to change and may be altered at any time.
  • Appropriate training attire and towel are required.
  • Minimum of 3 people required for the class to run (Except Yoga and Zumba).
  • A medical certificate may be required if you tick yes to any questions on the health form or if you are over 65 years of age or older.

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