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What you need to know for your music audition


For the audition, we provide a drum kit, piano, bass/guitar/keyboard amplifier, vocal microphone, music stands, and PA with CD player (including iPod connector). You'll need to provide leads, picks, drumsticks and all other instruments. You are welcome to bring copies of references and a portfolio if you wish.


We ask that you perform two contrasting pieces to demonstrate your current musical skills and versatility. Arrange your pieces to be no more than four minutes each. Ensure that you audition on your principal instrument. You may perform solo or in a group, and we encourage group performances where each member showcases their capabilities (such as individual solos, playing the melody and accompanying). Pre-recorded accompaniment is allowed, and please ensure tuning and set up time is kept to a minimum.


You will be assessed on your level of sight-reading on your principal instrument. This may include notation in the instrument’s usual clef and chord changes.


During the interview, we'll ask you questions to determine your suitability and commitment to study at Melbourne Polytechnic. Note that your portfolio may be perused during the interview (there will not be time to listen to CDs or read lengthy biographies).

Aural Exam

Aural skills will be established with a short test from the piano. Recognition of 3- and 4- note chords, intervals, common scales and modes will be included.

Theory Exam

A sit-down theory exam will take place after your audition (this runs for about 30 minutes). You should have understanding of music theory and will be asked questions that include the following:

  • All major and minor scales and key signatures
  • Time signatures and correct groupings of notes and rests
  • Chord recognition and construction
  • Common standards of music notation
  • Basic harmonic cadences and progressions

Part Time and Certificate III – Audition information

Please note that while the same audition process occurs for these courses we do not expect the same skill level do be demonstrated in Certificate III courses. A lack of experience in reading, aural, and/or theory will not prevent entry to this course.

Prepare for an audition course

This course will be conducted over a weekend in late October and covers all the above areas. If you would like to enquire about this course please contact Michael Rochford 03 9269 1845. 

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Information and Enrolment nights.

Come to one of our Information and Enrolment  nights, we would love to see you there.

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