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VET – Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


Recognition of Prior Learning can shorten the length of your certificate or diploma by transposing your current skills and experience into credit towards a partial or full qualification.

RPL is an assessment of your life skills and experience. It takes your previous occupations and non-nationally accredited training courses into consideration and provides credits toward your certificate or diploma accordingly.

How do I qualify my skills and experience through RPL?

Apply for your desired Melbourne Polytechnic Certificate or Diploma course in the usual manner and then provide evidence of your previous qualifications.

Types of Evidence required:

  • work appraisals
  • job descriptions
  • photos or actual work samples
  • relevant formal qualifications
  • resume and references
  • in-house training certificates
  • eye witness testimonies
  • observation at your workplace or a simulated workplace
  • informal RPL interviews.

We assess your situation on an individual basis and negotiate your assessment with the relevant department providing you with the best advice to for your qualification.

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