Our Students

Ewelina Zyla

Chesht* from Ewelina!

Ewelina Zyla hails from Poland and has come to Melbourne Polytechnic to improve her English language skills. A brave step considering she had very little knowledge of Australia before coming, “I associated Australia with kangaroos and koalas but now I realise Australia is a beautiful place, especially because of the incredibly friendly people”.

Ewelina's experience at Melbourne Polytechnic has been made even more engaging because of her teachers and class mates, “ Every day starts with How are you? (howaya?) Sometimes it’s such a big challenge to understand Aussies! But eventually it becomes a natural learning experience. The teachers capture our attention with interesting stories and teaching activities”.

Everyday has been an enjoyable experience for Ewelina because all of her fellow classmates are all from multicultural backgrounds and are at the same learning level. “I have made great friends, improved my English, and improved my knowledge about Australia and other cultures. I have had a wonderful time at Melbourne Polytechnic and I met some lovely people. It is amazing how different we all are, yet so similar!

*Hey, hi, howdy