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Daniel Jauregui

Hi, my name is Daniel Jauregui, I’m 25 years old and come from Caracas, Venezuela. I'm studying English in ELICOS in the Advanced class at Melbourne Polytechnic. After I have improved my English, I'm planning to do the Bachelor of Music at Melbourne Polytechnic as well. Better English will make a difference to my performance in class and also help me applying for jobs and communicating better with native English speakers.

I heard about Melbourne Polytechnic from my student advisor in Venezuela Latino Australia Education. They recommended Melbourne Polytechnic as the place to study English in Melbourne and helped me with all the paper work. Having many different activities combined with classes focused on your specific needs makes the difference compared with other courses that I've taken.

I knew that it was a good place to study and the program, the teachers and the facilities are great. But what I didn't know was that it's entertaining and besides the different nationalities of my classmates, we all get along well. So it's like a home away from home.

One of the best things about Melbourne Polytechnic is the preparation and experience that all the teachers have; also the great facilities with computers and projectors. The teachers take care of your learning and that makes the difference. What I like the most is that classes are interactive and focused on your needs. In my particular case I need to improve my writing.

Choosing Melbourne Polytechnic has been a good decision because it’s not only a place to study, it feels like a family.

I've being in different courses in Venezuela and if you are looking for a place to study English overseas, definitely Melbourne Polytechnic in Melbourne, Australia is the place to be. The best course, teachers, facilities and classmates make it great!

I've travelled a lot and Melbourne is different from other big cities. I find it more interesting because it’s such a multicultural, it feels like one big race – humanity.

In Latin America we are used to the American English accent but not to British and Australian. So learning the Australian accent also gives me the advantage of understanding all of them.


Mi nombre es Daniel jauregui, tengo 25 años de edad, soy de Caracas Venezuela y estoy estudiando el curso de inglés en Melbourne Polytechnic.

Llegue a la decisión de estudiar en Australia gracias la gente de Latino Australia quienes me asesoraron y guiaron en todo el proceso de papeleo. Ellos me recomendaron Melbourne Polytechnic para realizar mis estudios de inglés y mi licenciatura en Música.

Melbourne Polytechnic me ha parecido excelente decisión. Los profesores son muy preparados, el programa esta enfocado en tus necesidades y los compañeros de clases son sin duda excelentes. Me toco un curso súper variado con compañeros de todas partes del mundo y todos han sido excelentes personas. Sin duda esto hace la diferencia.

Todo esto ocurre en el marco de una de las mejores ciudades del mundo! Melbourne.

Saludos / regards

Daniel Jauregui.
Twt. @_danieljauregui
Teléf. 04122170747