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Tracey Byrne

Tracey Byrne has been teaching a variety of units within the Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma level courses in Remedial Massage, Myotherapy, Aromatherapy and Reflexology for more than six years.

She has just written and delivered the first Reflexology course for students and is very proud of her students’ determination and commitment to their studies.

“I tell my students whatever skills you can put into your tool bag will give you more chance of creating an individual treatment for each client.”

Tracey Byrne is a teacher who loves watching her students evolve into practitioners who have the skills and confidence to create individual treatments for their clients.

As a qualified remedial massage therapist, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, and reflexology practitioner, Tracey is well versed in creating treatments which cater to an individual’s needs. She also has a wealth of expertise to draw on.

After six years of teaching with us, Tracey still delights in seeing her students discover their own passions and newfound talents.

“I really love watching my students grow and develop in the time they’re at Melbourne Polytechnic. I particularly enjoy seeing that moment when they realise they can actually put together a treatment, in a way that suits an individual.”

While also busy working as a practitioner, Tracey found time to write a new course in Reflexology, which she delivered for the first time here in 2012.

“It’s been a highlight of my year, developing the course material and then seeing how students work with it. We’ve had seven students complete the course and I’ve really enjoyed offering reflexology in its first year at Melbourne Polytechnic.”

The students progressed from studying the theory of reflexology into practical clinic sessions during the second half of the year.

“I’m very proud of them! They put a lot of hard work in right throughout the year and with each assessment they showed that they were improving in new ways and achieved excellent results in their reflexology work.”

Tracey says that Melbourne Polytechnic has a strong reputation for teachers who establish a close and supportive bond with their students.

“We do seem to have a closer bond with the students and I actually think it’s the quality of the teachers that creates the rapport. The teachers in the Massage Centre are all very passionate about what they do.”

“It’s not just teaching the technique but teaching students how to think about using the technique and change the technique when you need to with a client.”

“Smaller class sizes give the learning environment an added boost because everyone becomes very close. They’re working on each other, testing the techniques they have learned, discovering what works best in a given situation. It’s a very supportive environment.”

Over the past six years Tracey has found that our students on the whole are “dedicated, they want to be there and they’re eager to learn.”

Her advice to students thinking of studying a course in massage, reflexology, aromatherapy or myotherapy is to “come in and try it”.

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