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Phil McLeod

Philip Mcleod is a multi instrumentalist, composer and teacher. Performing on cello, double bass, piano accordion, mandolin, piano and harmonica he has toured all over the world with a number of ensembles.

He is a founding member of Blue Grassy Knoll who have enjoyed great success with their original soundtracks to Buster Keaton films. They have toured extensively around Australia and overseas including a New York Broadway season at the New Victory Theatre, two Edinburgh festivals, regional tours of Ireland, Holland and Canada and extensive touring to Germany, U.K., South Korea, Brazil, U.S.A, New Zealand and South Africa.

 As a member of The Spaghetti Western Orchestra Philip performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival and toured through the U.S.A and Europe. With other ensembles he has toured through Europe and performed at festivals in Poland, Czech Republic and Singapore.

As a composer he has written and produced music for the State Orchestra of Victoria, string quartets, television advertisements, theatre and dance, radio plays  and for the myriad of local bands he has played in. Philip has a degree in music specialising in composition from La Trobe University.

Blue Grassy Knoll on ABC’s Art Nation


Spaghetti Western Orchestra at Montreal Jazz Festival

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