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Jennifer Burrows

Jennifer started her professional life as a teacher and then moved into instructional design as her interest in curriculum development grew.

In 2000 Jennifer started work at Box Hill TAFE as the Industry Training Project Manager, coordinating the development of several ANTA Toolboxes. In 2004 she moved into the Higher Education area at as the Higher Education and Learning Partnerships Manager.

Jennifer joined the Flexible Learning Group within the Higher Education Office here in 2011. She has successfully submitted for re-accreditation the Associate Degree of Viticulture and Winemaking, the Associate Degree of Aquaculture and Environmental Management and the application for a Major Change to the Primary Industries.

Jennifer worked with the Faculty to submit the renewal of accreditation application for the Bachelor and Associate Degree of Illustration and the Bachelor and Associate Degree of Writing and Publishing in early 2013. She is currently seconded to project manage the re-registration of the Institute as a Higher Education Provider and renew the Institute’s CRICOS registration.

As a Curriculum Consultant at Melbourne Polytechnic, Jennifer advises on the development and accreditation of new degrees and the reaccreditation of existing degrees. Jennifer holds a Master of Business in Training and Change Management, a Graduate Diploma of Applied Science in Instructional Design and Technology, and a Diploma of Teaching.

Job Title

Curriculum Consultant


Higher Education Office