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Enio Pozzebon

Melbourne Polytechnic's Music Performance Teacher, musician and composer, Enio Pozzebon’s teaching career here has spanned 15 years.

But he’s always maintained his involvement in musical theatre, working as a composer, musician and musical director on various projects over the years, including Keating the Musical.

In early 2010 he was nominated for a prestigious Green Room Award for his work as musical director on Wes Snelling’s showKiosk, which featured in last year’s comedy festival. The Green Room Awards, judged by industry professionals from the world of cabaret, dance, drama, fringe, music theatre and opera seek out excellence on the Melbourne professional stage.

Enio, who teaches Melbourne Polytechnic's Certificate III and IV in Music Performance along with the Advanced Diploma of Music Performance, was also among eight composers nominated for song composition including former music students, Ben Hendry and Matt Bird. “It makes me feel proud. I’m really happy that I’ve been recognised for that work, especially by my peers,” Enio says.

Kiosk is a one-man “character musical”, featuring Snelling as an array of inhabitants from a caravan park in Kyneton. Enio says the diverse range of the show’s music helped make it such a success. Each character had a song composed by a different musician. “There were so many composers involved, it could have been too much for a one hour show. But because all the characters were such caricatures, the music was a lot of fun. It didn’t matter if it wasn’t thematically and stylistically cohesive.”

To maintain Melbourne Polytechnic's links with industry and encourage professional development, Enio combines his teaching career with writing and recording music for TV and theatre. Recently he’s been involved with producing music for upcoming ABC comedy Lowdown, along with Casey Bennetto who composed Keating the Musical. Enio is part of a tight-knit group of Melbourne musos who play together at Trades Hall once a month for “Half-Arsed Thursdays”. Before his work on Kiosk, he was involved in several projects including writing and recording music for the National Institute of Circus Arts. He says working on Kiosk was a lot of fun and audiences responded to that.

“I had a wonderful time. The musicians are friends of mine. Two of them are from the band that worked onKeating. I knew they would be a tight outfit. Each composer had a good idea of how they envisaged the song. That made my job as musical director that much easier.”

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