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Dr Karina Davis

I began here in 2010 and came over from another University to head up the new Education (Early Years) program.

Here at Melbourne Polytechnic we can provide a responsive and personalised experience of HE study – this isn’t always possible at larger places – and this is at the heart of quality teaching. I am enjoying this opportunity to provide HE study opportunities and programs that really are invested in their students and the students success.

I originally qualified as an early childhood teacher and worked in the field in a variety of ways – in occasional care, in long day care and in sessional kindergarten. I then returned to HE study and completed a PhD looking at issues of multiculturalism, racism and curriculum and pedagogical change.

I worked in a range of early childhood services over 8 – 9 years and enjoyed all of them in lots of ways. I then worked in a research centre working with children, early childhood educators and primary teachers in a range of research projects and roles. My experiences of working with adults over the last 15 or so years uses all the same skills really as my original qualification got me ready for – connect with individuals, work to gain insight into what they want for themselves and connect this with my teaching responsibilities. All my experiences have been invaluable in my teaching and work now.

I think that Melbourne Polytechnic has provided me with a place that really values teaching itself and as a result provides opportunities to teach in ways that aren’t always possible in bigger HE settings. Quality teaching and learning asks us to always be engaged with learning and thinking about what the students desire and what our responsibilities are to them – and them to us too. This is a really unique way of HE teaching.

Between work and a family I feel like my hobby is driving my kids around to various things, helping with homework, talking about peer politics and refereeing! But I do like to be active so I swim a bit and go to the gym. And I do like food – I am a novice veggie gardener, I love to cook (though the churning out of dinner meals every night takes the gloss off a little) and I do love eating out.

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Director of College


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