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David Wayman

Over the span of his career in the music industry, David has been a performing artist, lyricist, song writing teacher/lecturer, music teacher, CD producer, Master of Ceremonies, and played minor roles in film and television.

During his career as a songwriter, David has composed many 100’s of songs both by himself and with a number of co-writers. He has written across many styles, and for radio and TV ads, folk acts, poetry bands, cabaret acts, country singers, swing /jazz groups, tango bands, musicals and rock groups.

The Sixties

David has loved song writing since he was a very young man. In his mid teens after starting to learn guitar he was ready to become a great song writer ( Ha ha). Some very ordinary 200 songs later, he finally started to get the idea of what writing song is all about, and began to write some decent songs (may be a slow learner!).

The Seventies

David then joined his first band and wrote instrumentals and songs for the group "Poor Tom's Poetry Band" in the early 1970's. This group played a lot of major venues around Melbourne including Sunbury 1974 Pop Festival and also introduced Dave to recording. One of his songs "I'll Travel With You" was used on a Christian TV advertisement. David then formed and wrote material for the zany theatre restaurant duo "Cool Water" with Anthony Leonard, which later turned into the influential cult band "Yasmin and the Tea Leaves".

The Eighties

In 1980 "Yasmin and the Tea Leaves" recorded their first album and received great reviews from Rolling Stone and other music magazines. In the 1980's David started to co-write with Terry Bradford and Steve Dillon for pop rock bands. From 1983, after the breakup of "Yasmin and the Tea Leaves", David started performing solo and covering for the first time others songs where he performed and studied the works of great songwriters including Tom Waits, Randy Newman, Lennon/ McCartney, Bob Dylan, and Joni Mitchell.

The Nineties

In the early 1990's David wrote and scripted a children’s musical called “The Detectives” which was performed at a number of state schools. In 1994 Dillon and Wayman worked on and produced a full scale musical called "Atlantis”, co-written with Steve Paix, Victor Kazan and Kevin Purcell.

At the end of 1995 Bradford/Wayman produced and wrote the songs for a group of NMIT based jazz singers and musicians called "Black Taxi".”Traffic Jam” a Wayman/Bradford song, performed by Black Taxi from their CD "Taken For A Ride", was the most performed / played song of 1996 on the national ABC network. Another Black Taxi song “Shoes” from the second Black Taxi CD "Saturday Street" was on the ABC most played CD list of 1998.

The Naughties

In 2000 David started writing songs with another major collaborator Sarah Cowan. In 2004 Ian McNamara included “The Land That We Love” another Wayman/Bradford song on the "Australia All Over", CD. This song was originally written for a television Ad for Beechworth Bakeries. The Ad was on high rotation for over two years.

In the last six years David has written prolifically:

  • He has written songs for a Melbourne Comedy festival show with Josephine Fisher
  • worked and co-written two CD's with Paul Wookey
  • co-written a CD for country singer Rachael Kennedy
  • co-written songs on blues guitarist Shannon Bourne's first and second CD
  • co-written songs with Annie Kennedy for her debut CD “ Life After Chocolate”
  • co-writing a tango CD called “The Minotaur’s Lament” with accordionist Phil Carroll for the band "Dark Waters Tango"
  • The last two years of the naughties was spent writing and recording a CD of songs written with Sarah Cowan.

David has been teaching Songwriting here for over a decade – he loves sharing his passion for song writing with students. In 2010 and 2011 David also lectured in song writing at the Conservatorium of Music in Hobart UTAS.


See samples of his work in the Youtube clips below:

Volcanoes- Mark Twigden / Dave Wayman (Bradford / Wayman)

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