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Darren Steffen

2007 recipient TAFE Development Centre Teaching Fellowship

" … a sound design of astounding quality" – Chris Boyd, Melbourne Herald Sun.

1995 Green Room Award for Distinctive Contribution to Theatre.

Darren’s work in VET spans over 15 years from casual teaching in performing arts to program coordination and management.

The TAFE Development Centre Teaching Fellowship provided access to forums, workshops and extensive engagement with other TAFE practitioners. It also enabled Darren to complete a Graduate Diploma in VET. This learning and development combines with his extensive experience in VET teaching to inform his work for the Centre for Learning and Teaching.

Darren's work in music and sound design spans 20 years and has been recognised with multiple industry awards and nominations.

He has worked in roles including composer, sound designer, audio engineer, sound editor and music supervisor. He has completed a Master of Sound Design which included the study of environments enhanced with simple sustained sine tones. He has recorded and mixed many renowned and award winning bands including the Spaghetti Western Orchestra and My Friend the Chocolate Cake. His numerous sound designs for theatre has taken him around the world several times, working with theatre companies ranging from Chamber Made Opera and Circus Oz.

His current position in Centre for Learning and Teaching allows his skills in performing arts and creative media and technology to assists others in building creative capacity in their own practice.

His biggest thrill is helping staff acknowledge their own creativity and taking pride in their work.

Watch Magic Bike (2009) Conceived, Composed and Performed by Hope Csutoros & Darren Steffen. Costume Design Carlos Gomes.      

See also:

  • Darren Steffen and Roger Alsop, Diversionary space project at Royal Melbourne Hospital short term dementia ward (2009) in UNESCO Observatory, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, The University of Melbourne refereed E-Journal VOL 1. ISSUE 4. JUNE 2009.
  • Steffen, D. W. (2012). Simple subtle sustained waveforms and the notion of comfort in a new approach to creating an immersive, interactive sound installation. Masters Research thesis, Faculty of VCA and MCM, The University of Melbourne: Persistent Link
  • Darren Steffen on Soundcloud

Job Title

Program Coordinator


Centre for Learning and Teaching