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Clive Enos

My apprenticeship started way back in the 70’s in the 4-star Marine Hotel in Troon, Scotland. 

When I think back to those days I recall anything outside of a round or iceberg lettuce was unheard off and egg mayonnaise was considered an upmarket dish.

The glorious 12th meant the start of the red grouse shooting season in Scotland, and as you would expect  the apprentices usually got the job (after the grouse had been hung for a while) of plucking and gutting. You could say we weren’t good company to be around after a week or two of that being your main job regardless of how many showers!

Once I became qualified I headed off to the bright lights of London where a world of experience lay in waiting. Over a 26 year career in London I gained employment as a 1st Commis Chef in 5-star Berkeley Hotel to top class restaurants such as the Greenhouse. Over the ensuring years I increased my skills to where I became an accomplished executive chef in Airport & Football catering. 

The world of management beckoned and  this required a new level of learning which I gained through contract catering work in support management roles involving training and mentoring of senior chefs in the administrative side of kitchen management as well as the complexities of budget management. I ended up as a general manager within one of largest contract caterer’s in the UK.

In 2007 I arrived in Australia & deciding on which direction this journey would take, led me to the world of training which I have found challenging & rewarding . In my short career working in Melbourne I have added to my portfolio classroom teaching as well as the ability to skill assess the experience of chefs towards recognition of prior learning. In fact, I went through the process myself in order to have my UK qualifications mapped over to the Australian equivalent which enabled me to gain employment with in Melbourne Polytechnic as well as completing a few courses to up skill. Work place training opened up a new world meeting trainees in their  place of work which is an interesting part of the role as it allows the opportunity to see the different styles that caterers have on offer in Melbourne. 

All in, my entire journey has led to my current position which has enabled me to meet so many interesting people connected with training that it has now become an enriching experience to working in Australia.

Job Title

Business Development Coordinator