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Chris Hillard

Chri's association with us began as a Dipoloma of Photoimaging student at the former High Street canpus in Preston. From 1993, Chris worked as the Photomedia Technical Officer at the Epping campus before undertaking his current teaching position in the Photoimaging stream at Fairfield.

In the early 2000s, Chris brushed up against stardom. The result was a published book titled "Voices, Faces, Characters" in which he interviews and images a host of well known TV celebrities. Chris has enjoyed considerable success working in many facets of the photographic industry and currently runs his own wedding/portrait photography business.

Chris has also been investing time in recreational photography and recreational motion picture production. With recent improvements made in DSLR cameras and their motion picture capabilities, Chris sees enormous possibilities, and the potential to amalagamate both these areas in Visual Arts.

Chris suffuses his teaching with a sound knowledge of all things photographic, warm enthusiasm and an idiosyncratic sense of humour.

Job Title

Teacher - Photoimaging


Visual Arts