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Andrew Christie

Andrew Christie has been working at our Epping campus since October 2001, when he was employed as an Aquaculture Technical Officer and then Research Officer at the Aquaculture Training and Applied Research Centre.

Andrew’s life long interest in marine biology led him to complete a Bachelor of Aquatic Science degree (with Honours) at Deakin University’s Warrnambool campus in 1999. After completing the degree, Andrew worked a variety of jobs including factory work and administration, but these jobs were well outside the area that he was most interested in. Towards the end of 2001 he heard on the grapevine that Melbourne Polytechnic may have been looking for a suitably qualified person to work in the Aquaculture Program at Melbourne Polytechnic, and the rest, as they say, is history.

“Having done the Aquatic Science degree at university, I actually had very little idea about aquaculture until I got to Melbourne Polytechnic. It was a steep learning curve initially, but the fact that it was a job in the field allowed me to develop a strong interest which continues today, and shows no signs of slowing up. Like any primary industry that is based on farming, this industry is not for the faint-hearted: just when you think things are going along beautifully, things can go badly very quickly, and there are some long hours involved, but the best thing about the job is that it always keeps you interested. This is literally a job where you learn something new everyday”.

Some of Andrew’s qualifications beyond academia include a Heavy Vehicle Driver’s Licence, a Forklift Licence, Advanced First Aid certification and an Open Water SCUBA certification: all of which are generally standard throughout the aquaculture industry, which combines a wide variety of vocational and academic skills. 

He has been involved in teaching short courses and managing trainees between Certificate II and Certificate IV level, and finally began teaching in the degree program back in 2006, the inaugural year of the program, before transferring across to Higher Education as a full time lecturer in July 2008.

Since then, he has taught a variety of subjects, including Introduction to Aquaculture and Environment, Environmental Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biology of Aquatic Animals, Aquatic Ecology and Aquatic Science, Restoration of Aquatic Habitats, Applied Finfish Aquaculture and Aquatic Animal Health and Diseases.

Andrew is currently working part-time on a Masters of Applied Science qualification with RMIT University, with his research project based on the study of the effects of various toxicants on the early life stages of a variety of fish species.


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Presented talk entitled “Account of a mass aggregation of Port Jackson sharks (Heterodontus portusjacksoni) at Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary, Victoria, Australia”, at the Australian Society for Fish Biology/ Oceania Chondrichthyan Society in Adelaide, South Australia, 15-18 July, 2012. 

Job Title

Lecturer, Bachelor of Aquaculture and Environmental Management


Higher Education Primary Industries