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Michael Costa

Michael Costa is a highly experienced and motivated audio expert, passionate about every aspect of audio composing, recording, mixing and mastering.

He has extensive Pro Tools experience having grown up with the system since its early days as Sound Tools in the late 80s and began Pro Tools on Version 1 in 1991. Micheal is among the top tier of Pro Tools engineers in the country. Some of his music project collaborators include INXS, Kasey Chambers as well as music production in films such as Shine and Strictly Ballroom.

"…. I really love this stuff – I genuinely want to show people how cool these tools are. Even as a fully grown adult, I still find myself getting excited like a little kid about the magic we can do with our systems these days and wondering how far it can go in the years to come. I hope that enthusiasm is contagious!"

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Performing Arts