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Stand out from the crowd and get the job you want with Skills and Training Pathways

11 Apr 2018

In a highly competitive job market, being able to rise above the crowd of job seekers is critical. If employers can’t quickly understand what you can offer, the long hours spent preparing a job application could be wasted effort.

That’s why Melbourne Polytechnic is introducing a new course that provides job search skills previously only available from expensive job placement agencies.

The Skills Training for Employment Pathways (STEP) short course provides 30 hours of intensive coaching to find that dream job.

“It’s important that people who are about to enter the job market really understand how to promote themselves and create a good first impression,” says Program Leader Andreas Pohl. “The employment market is a tough place, with most jobs attracting a large number of applications. You really have to know how to stand out.”

The course covers everything from preparing a CV and addressing key selection criteria to managing your social media profiles and presenting confidently at job interviews.

“Our interview technique training is video-taped, so that people can really see how they are coming across. We also do a lot of coaching about how to handle those curly interview questions, such as what you consider your biggest weakness, and also empower candidates to ask for what they want, whether it is a particular salary or working conditions.”

Students also learn about the nuts and bolts of Australian workplace culture, including important elements such as industrial relations, occupational health and safety, equal opportunity, and other key legal and regulatory aspects.

The Skills for Employment short course is available to people who have completed a Diploma level or higher qualification and is offered in both full-time and part-time modes.

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Image: Dan Deaner