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Kasey Wood's Career Path in Plumbing

06 Dec 2018

Currently half way through her plumbing apprenticeship, Kasey Wood embraces tenacity, determination and good old fashioned elbow grease.

Kasey Wood is a first year plumbing apprentice and always wanted to do a trade, 'I chose plumbing because there are so many different places you can go with it’. Kasey did some research when looking for a pre-apprenticeship course and discovered Melbourne Polytechnic, ‘I loved my pre-app at Melbourne Polytechnic so I chose to follow through and do my apprenticeship here’. 

Plumbing teacher, Craig Anderson, says Kasey, ‘like many females that come into the trade, is in the minority’. Women in trade ‘usually develop a number of coping mechanisms to help fit into a male dominated environment. Kasey has remained herself, always happy and positive and interested in any task at hand.’ Kasey’s consistency and commitment to study and the practical application of the course, made it easier for Craig and other teachers to let her know when she was having bad days as well as good and she is thriving as a result!

Kasey says ‘Craig’s always good to talk with about work and sometimes to have a chat to about my car, he’s always encouraging and very helpful.’ Her motivation to continue in her field and smash her apprenticeship out of the water comes from knowing that ‘every day’, she’ll ‘always be doing something different and always in different places. The Certificate II has taken me to where I am now, and I really enjoy the trade I’m doing'.


Kasey says although she is the only female in class, the guys are good fun to work with and the teachers are always great to talk to. ‘I really enjoyed the Certificate II in plumbing, it definitely helped me in getting my apprenticeship’. Many companies require you to have a pre-app as a pre-requisite for application into an apprenticeship, particularly in plumbing. If you do choose to undertake our Cert II course, Melbourne Polytechnic teaching staff, with many industry contacts, can then help you move into an apprenticeship with an appropriate and reputable company.

In 2019, the Victorian Government is offering a suite of FREE Tafe courses to encourage education and enrolment for those currently restricted by funds for Tuition! The pre-app course that kicked off Kasey’s passion for plumbing - the Certificate II in Plumbing (Pre-Apprenticeship) - is one of a number of FREE Tafe courses offered at Melbourne Polytechnic. Thinking further ahead, the Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services is also part of our FREE Tafe course study opportunities. For more information on Melbourne Polytechnic’s FREE Tafe course offerings, click here.