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The global economy continues to aggressively push for advancements in the research, development, and marketing of innovative technologies. Global procurement demand for such advancements in industry, education, security, government, and financial sectors has catapulted the importance of intellectual property in driving the growth of the knowledge economy to unprecedented levels.

At Melbourne Polytechnic, we use the global insights from the world’s innovation disclosures to map the interconnections that put the RIGHT solutions in the RIGHT contexts for maximum relevance and impact, rather than seeing innovation and intellectual property as a market control or commercial restriction. Putting improbable solutions together allow our students, faculty and partners to see opportunities where none were imagined. Regardless of the topic of human endeavour, if you can think of it, we have the information that will link you to the global community of others who share a similar interest or passion.

Melbourne Polytechnic is committed to work in partnership with the world’s leading industry partners, universities and research institutes to accelerate Australia’s shift to a knowledge based economy.

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