Tuition Payment Plans

Melbourne Polytechnic offers payment options to help with your tuition fees, so you can get on with your studies. 

If you intend to take on a payment plan for tuition fees, you will be required to enter a contract through Debitsuccess.

Can I apply for a payment plan?

  • Are you enrolling in a Certificate I-IV program?
  • Are you enrolling in a Diploma or Advanced Diploma course but not eligible for a VET Student Loan?

If the answer to either question above is YES, you may be eligible for a payment plan.

If you are enrolling in a Diploma or Advanced Diploma and eligible for the VET Student Loan, a higher education program (degree or post grad qualification), short course, or are an international student in a CRICOS program, YOU CANNOT APPLY for a payment plan.

Terms and Conditions

You are eligible for a payment plan, if:

  • the tuition fees for your course are $150.00 or over
  • course duration is more than one semester (6 months)

How does a payment plan work?

  • Only available for tuition fees.
  • An upfront deposit must be paid, consisting of:

    • 10 per cent total enrolled course tuition fee
    • 100 per cent Amenities fee
    • 100 per cent Materials fee
  • You can only have one approved payment plan at any time.
  • Failing to honour the agreement will result in your not being eligible for future Tuition Payment Plans
  • By entering into a Melbourne Polytechnic Tuition Payment Plan you must have the capacity to pay your tuition fees within the terms of the agreement.
  • Employers or other third parties are not able to enter into a Tuition Payment Plan

About your repayments

  • The Payment Plan will consist of the remaining tuition fees (after the deposit is paid) split into 4 or 8 payments
  • Due dates and amounts of your payments are stipulated in your confirmation – delivered by email to your nominated email address
  • You can make payments by cash, eftPOS, Visa, Mastercard, BPay and cheque
  • You must continue to pay your tuition if you withdraw outside the 28 day refund period. Please see 2018 Refund and Fee Information Sheet for Students and Student Enrolment, Fees and Charges Policy

What happens if you don’t make your repayments?

  • If the payment due date is not met, a reminder email will be sent advising the outstanding instalment amount for immediate payment
  • If the instalment payment has not been received by the due date you will be denied or suspended from the following:

    • Academic and administrative services
    • Transcripts, certificates and other records of status
    • Access to Melbourne Polytechnic systems and facilities, including Moodle, and email access
    • Access to sit for examinations
    • The right to enrol in another Melbourne Polytechnic course


  • All correspondence relating to the Payment Plan will be sent to your nominated email address
  • You may also nominate a parent or guardian email address for payment notification. Our payment schedules, reminders and overdue payment notices will also be sent to this email address

Any Questions?

For enquiries about Payment Plans please contact:
Coordinator, instalment payment plans
Preston Campus
Phone: 03 9269 1486
Email: ua.ud1537693717e.cin1537693717hcety1537693717lopen1537693717ruobl1537693717em@op1537693717pi1537693717

NOTE: from 20 November 2017 if you want to take out an instalment payment plan with Melbourne Polytechnic, you will enter a new Tuition Payment Plan (TPP) coordinated through Debitsuccess.

If you take out an IPP before 20 November 2017, this will continue as per conditions above until payments are complete.

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