Local Refund Policy


Full refund of all payments will be made for ANY course cancelled by Melbourne Polytechnic.

For cancelled courses or full course withdrawals, Student ID Cards MUST be returned to Melbourne Polytechnic when lodging Application for Refund of Fees form. Student ID Cards remain the property of Melbourne Polytechnic.

Application for refunds must be made on official Application for Refund of Fees form.

Applications for refunds usually take two weeks to process, however during peak periods the processing time may be extended.

Where payment of fees was made by cheque, the refund cheque will be made out in the name of the original payer.

Credit Card refunds must be refunded on the same card used to make the original payment.

NO refund will be granted:

  • outside of the current academic year.
  • after the census date for Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Higher Education courses.
  • for Institute Accredited courses if application lodged less than five (5) days prior to course commencement date.

For full details see the Student Enrolment Fees and Charges Policy (PDF) or visit Refunds Information for a summary. 

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