Payment Options


Melbourne Polytechnic provides a range of payment options to help you pay your tuition fees, so you can get on with your studies.

Paying Your Tuition Fees

Melbourne Polytechnic accepts Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, and cheque.
Note: Banks set a daily limit on EFTPOS cards. If your fees and other purchases on the same day exceed your EFTPOS limit, please organise an additional method of payment, eg cash, credit card or cheque. Or you can increase your limit prior to payment of fees.

Melbourne Polytechnic Instalment Payment Plan

Melbourne Polytechnic is committed to helping students manage their fees!

In 2017, will you be:

  • enrolling in a Cert I-IV program at Melbourne Polytechnic
  • ineligible for a government subsidised place in a Diploma or Advanced Diploma program at Melbourne Polytechnic;
  • eligible for a government subsidised place in a Diploma or Advanced Diploma program but ineligible for VET FEE-HELP (e.g. not an Australian citizen)

If you answered YES to any of these, the Melbourne Polytechnic Instalment Payment Plan may be available to you where your tuition fees are $150* or more.

Conditions apply:

  • Students must pay a deposit of 15 per cent of the total tuition and amenities fees, plus 100 per cent of the materials fees at the time of enrolment
  • You must sign an agreement accepting full responsibility to pay instalments by due dates listed on the Payment Schedule
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you provide your current email address to Melbourne Polytechnic for correspondence issuing notices and reminders. Melbourne Polytechnic shall deem that the notices have been delivered when the email is sent and there is no bounce back through the Melbourne Polytechnic email system
  • It is your responsibility to regularly check the nominated email account and comply with the Payment Plan
  • You must inform Information Services at Melbourne Polytechnic of any circumstances that may affect the Payment Plan Agreement as they arise
  • Full payment of tuition fees must be made prior to the final assessment/completion of the module/subject/course
  • The Instalment Payment Plan is not an available option for payments by companies on behalf of students
  • Refunds will be handled consistently with the current refunds policy

Download the Instalment Payment Plan form.

*Students experiencing financial difficulty paying tuition fees less than $150 may be eligible for a Student Loan. Contact Student Services on 03 9269 1314 for more information.

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