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Professional Practice


Our Professional Practice department offers a wide range of courses across industry. Train with the very best to get you on the path to your dream career in engineering, technology and design.

Our Professional Practice courses include:

  • Locksmithing
  • Electrical studies
  • Welding
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing and mechanical engineering






Top Welding Training Organisation for 2013

We have scored a prestigious win in the Welding Technology Institute of Australia’s (WTIA) annual awards.

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Our nationally accredited courses and apprenticeships have strong connections to industry, ensuring you gain the highest level of skills and knowledge to be work ready. Our dedicated industry-trained teachers bring their wealth of experience for your future career focusing on workmanship, instilling sound work ethic and developing skills that are in demand in industry.

Classes run at our Heidelberg and Fairfield campuses in industry standard training facilities including:

  • robotics simulation laboratory
  • autoCAD training centre
  • fully equipped industry standard workshops
  • high-tech welding facilities

Computer Systems

Our Computer Systems provide training to develop your skills and knowledge in

  • electrotechnology
  • multifaceted electronics
  • computer systems
  • information technology
  • communications

Demand for professionals across all computer system industries is high and continues to grow as technology moves forward. This demand provides you with opportunities for work in the ever increasing and progressive world of technology.

Always on hand are our expert industry-experienced and trade-qualified teachers, to guide you through your training ensuring you reach your maximum potential and career goals.

Learn in a realistic working environment using the latest industry technologies and methodologies. Relevant and real life ICT industry work projects will be provided to underline and apply the skills learnt during your course.

Our courses are nationally accredited, enabling you to gain employment anywhere in Australia once qualified. What are you waiting for?



The Professional Practice Design team at Melbourne Polytechnic is renowned for providing high quality training and involvement in real life projects.

Our dedicate, industry-connected teachers provide flexible delivery and support and can connect you with the design and building and construction industries.

We have state-of-the-art facilities across four campuses at Heidelberg, Epping, Prahran and Preston.

We offer in depth training in a range of sectors in Professional Practice

  • Building Design
  • Civil Engineering Drafting and Design
  • Building Surveying and Construction
  • Interior Design
  • Joinery/Shopfitting/Stairbuilding
  • Cabinet Making/Furniture Making

Courses range from pre-apprenticeships, apprenticeships, non-apprenticeships, certificate IV, diplomas and advanced diploma with pathways to further study. We can also enrol you in individual units to enhance your skills in the workplace, upgrading your knowledge within the design industry.

7 reasons why you should study Design with us

  • state-of-the-art facilities for all study areas
  • long-time presence within industry, with strong links to associations, employers and suppliers
  • state and nationally recognised courses
  • dedicated industry-experienced teachers to guide and mentor you through your course
  • flexible delivery to suit your work-life situation
  • pathways and articulation to higher qualifications
  • Bachelor Degree courses in Civil Engineering Technology, the Built Environment and Architecture

We want to give you the best chance at succeeding in your chosen industry which is why we provide the facilities and assistance you need to achieve your goals

  • each study program has access to the latest technology and facilities, giving you the chance to experience life on the job
  • our courses have the capacity to build individual course requirements to suit industry needs and to assist with the development of your enterprise
  • we provide Recognition of Prior Learning and Gap Training in all trades as we have experienced assessors in each area






Course Enquiries

For information about our courses:

Phone: 03 9269 8400

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Certificate II in Computer Assembly and Repair
Build a new career in information technology with Melbourne Polytechnic's Certificate II in Computer Assembly and Repair. If you like to use computers and have a keen interest in how they work and how technology is applied to the marketplace, then this is the course for you.

Certificate III in Engineering - Mechanical Trade
Melbourne Polytechnic's Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade is a specialised trade to prepare you for employment working in the challenging engineering industry. This course is also offered to non-industry and international students.

Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)
Construct a great future with the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building). Take your own business to the next level, become an invaluable manager or gain the skills you need in site and business management to lead you to the top of your field.

Certificate IV in Building Design Drafting
A brand new qualification, specialising in Building Design and Drafting - this could be the beginning of a beautiful career. Our Certificate IV in Building Design Drafting will get you ready for a career supporting building designers and architects

Certificate IV in Information Technology
Commence your information technology career, with Melbourne Polytechnic to guide you through your training. You will learn crucial key elements of the Information Technology industry.

Certificate IV in Interior Decoration - VETiS (Partial)
Melbourne Polytechnic's Certficate IV in Interior Decoration provides an introduction into the Interior Design industry, where you will learn the fundamentals of the interior decorating and design process and an introduction to the software utilised in this growing industry. This course is offered as part of Melbourne Polytechnic's VET in Schools (VETiS) program.

Certificate IV in Interior Decoration
Beautify, adorn and enhance your future with a Certificate IV in Interior Decoration. Establish your own interior design business or use your consulting skills for high-end clients in the fascinating world of interior decoration and design.

Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)
Manage your building career with our Diploma of Building and Construction (Building). You’ve got the hands-on experience, so take your career to the next level and manage a commercial or domestic building site with your leadership.

Diploma of Electrical Project Management
Shine a light on your electrical career by learning about project management. Melbourne Polytechnic’s Diploma of Electrical Project Management will help you to work at management level on large industrial, commercial and domestic projects.

Diploma of Engineering Technology - 1. Civil/Structural - 2. Mechanical Building Services (MEP) - 3. Mechanical Manufacturing
Are you ready for a career in Construction Management, Structural Engineering or Transportation design and practice? Learn the basics before you specialise.

Diploma of Information Technology
Get ahead in your Information Technology career with us. This general ICT course is designed to expose you to the diverse range of job roles within the industry and teaches the key elements of Information Technology.

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration
Become the architect of a colourful career with a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration. Use your interior design skills to place you into the world of residential and commercial interior design. Work for large corporate clients and prestigious customers and unleash your creative flair into their world.

Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural)
Rise up in the world of design with the Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural). Your dream of working for an architect, building designer, or running your own building design firm can become a reality. A career in this field can be both creative and rewarding.

Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying
Construct a successful career in the industry with the Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying. Build on your current building surveying skills to boost your career in the building and construction industry by becoming a building surveyor or inspector.

Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology - 1. Civil/Structural - 2. Mechanical Building Services (MEP) - 3. Mechanical Manufacturing
Would you like to work in the Engineering sector and gain essential skills? Our Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology is a blueprint for your engineering, drafting and design future. Our intensive course covers all the basics, so you can decide in which area you'll specialise.

Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology
Get ahead in the information technology industry with our Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology. Find your pathway to a rewarding career in consultancy, as a systems developer or programmer.

Short Courses
AutoCAD Level 1
This Melbourne Polytechnic short course is designed for students who want to learn how to use AutoCAD or improve their 2D drafting skills. It introduces basic features and capabilities of the software, enabling 2D drawings and documentation to be created from 2D models.

Grid Connect Install for Qualified Electricians
This Melbourne Polytechnic short course is designed to give qualified, licensed electricians the skills and knowledge necessary to safely plan, configure and install alternative power sources to the power grid. Topics include Work Health and Safety (WHS) principles, electrical safe working practice, photovoltaic power systems, and grid connected inverters.

Safe Working at Heights
This Melbourne Polytechnic short course will teach you how to work at height safely, adhering to correct procedure and using the right equipment to significantly reduce risk.

Licensed Electrical Assessment (LEA) - Electrical Theory (LET) - Tutorial
Melbourne Polytechnic's Electrical Assessment (LEA) - Electrical Theory (LET) - Tutorial is designed to prepare students for the second component of the LEA–LET assessment for electricians.

Licensed Electrical Assessment (LEA) - Licensed Electrician Practical (LEP) - Assessment
The Licensed Electrical Assessment (LEA) - Licenced Electrician Practical (LEP) is a practical, 4-hour assessment for electricians.

Introduction to Welding - MIG, Arc and Oxyacetylene
Melbourne Polytechnic's Introduction to Welding short course teaches safe welding and cutting of a wide range of metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) using the three most widely used welding practices in industry - manual ARC welding, MIG welding and Oxyacetylene welding.

Licensed Electrical Assessment (LEA) - Safe Work Practice (SWP) - Assessment
Melbourne Polytechnic's Safe Working Practice (SWP) for Electricians is a 40 minute assessment that tests your ability to undertake working practices in the disconnection and reconnection of electrical equipment and its associated wiring from the mains supply.

Licensed Electrical Assessment (LEA) - Licensed Electrician Theory (LET) - Assessment
Melbourne Polytechnic's Licensed Electrical Assessment (LEA) - Licenced Electrician Theory (LET) is a two hour assessment which tests your broad knowledge as an Electrician.

Grid Connect Design
If you're thinking you'd like to plan and design solar energy systems that can be connected to the power grid, Melbourne Polytechnic’s Grid Connect Design short course will provide you with the requisite skills and knowledge. The course is designed for qualified, licensed electricians as well as non-electricians with suitable prerequisites.

Disconnect-Reconnect Restricted Electrical Workers Licence Class 2
Melbourne Polytechnic's Restricted Electrical Worker's Licence entitles you to carry out low voltage electrical installation work relating to equipment that is connected to a fixed electrical installation, associated with your primary trade, vocation or calling (occupation) and would otherwise require the services of a registered electrical contractor or a licensed electrician.

Licensed Electrical Assessment (LEA) - Safe Working Practice (SWP) - Tutorial
This Melbourne Polytechnic short course is designed to prepare students for obtaining an electrician’s licence. It combines three separate assessments towards obtaining the licence: Safe Working Practice (SWP), Licensed Electrician Theory (LET), and Licensed Electrician Practical (LEP).

AutoCAD Level 2
Melbourne Polytechnic's AutoCAD Level 2 short course introduces AutoCAD’s 3D modelling features and capabilities, with participants learning to create 2D drawings and documentation from 3D models.

Optical Fibre Endorsement
This Melbourne Polytechnic short course will provide a registered cabler with the Optical Fibre endorsement on their Open Cabling Registration. It is a mandated course for cablers who are required to install and terminate Optical Fibre cables in any type of building, for computer, data or telecommunications networks use. It is also suitable for security technicians who install optical fibre cables as part of a network for IP CCTV.

Stand Alone Power Supply Systems (SPS)
In order to undertake the Melbourne Polytechnic Stand Alone Power Supply Systems (SPS) short course, participants must be fully qualified electricians, electrical or electronics engineers or have completed the basic electrical prerequisites of the Certificate III in Renewable Energy as required by the Clean Energy Council for accreditation.

Licensed Electrical Assessment (LEA) - Electrical Practice (LEP) - Tutorial
Melbourne Polytechnic's Licensed Electrical Assessment (LEA) - Electrical Practice (LEP) short course is designed to prepare you for the third component of the LEA–LEP assessment for electricians.

Testing and Tagging of Portable Electrical Appliances
Are your portable electrical appliances and extension leads safe? If you need to be able to correctly test and tag portable electrical equipment, Melbourne Polytechnic’s Testing and Tagging course covers the principle requirements specified in Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2010 and AS/NZS 3012.

Open Cabling Registration (ACMA Cabling)
Melbourne Polytechnic's Open Cabling Registration (ACMA Cabling) short course permits all types of telecommunications cabling to be legally installed on the customer’s side of the network boundary in domestic, commercial and industrial premises, including multi-building campus environments.

Advanced MIG and Arc Welding
Melbourne Polytechnic’s Advanced MIG/ARC Welding short course teaches you the finer points of MIG and ARC welding

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