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Cycling Routes and Tips


Riding Melbourne

BUG members are encouraged to share the routes they use to get to and from Melbourne Polytechnic. We are also interested in your favourite rides around Melbourne. There are some great resources we can use to make riding safer and simpler. We will have these resources available at BUG events and also make links to online resources available too.

Shimmy Lanes

Darebin Council is making it easier for riders to get around the local area. With new signage, road markings and maps, it's easy to Shimmy your way through Darebin's back streets by bike. For many years regular riders have been making good use of these informal routes to get to work, shops, schools and venues. Now everyone can shimmy down the street.

View a Map of Darebin's Shimmy Routes click here Map of Darebin's Shimmy Routes 

DIY Bike Maintenance

For just $10 you can learn the basics to get on your bike and keep moving forward.  Darebin Council runs an interactive beginner workshop about how to look after your bike. The workshop covers demonstrations and advice on bike fit, bike parts, safety checks, puncture repair, tyre pressure, removing and replacing wheels and oiling your chain. For more information go to

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