Infection Control Skill Set

Complete the FREE Infection Control short course and help keep Victoria safe and stop the spread of COVID19.

Keeping Victorians Safe

COVID-19 has been a unique and difficult challenge for businesses and individuals, particularly within the retail, hospitality and logistics sectors.

This free course in infection control is designed for businesses and employees to help manage the ongoing risk of coronavirus in the workplace. It has been developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as a large number of workers require skills to decrease transmission of infection while undertaking their daily duties.

The HLTSS00065/HLTSS00066/HLTSS00067 Infection Control Skill Set course provides you and your team with practical knowledge and skills on how to help keep the workplace and the broader community safe. These learnings will also support businesses to reopen and maintain safe practices.

Melbourne Polytechnic’s Chief Executive, Frances Coppolillo

"We know that infection control is an issue to manage for the long term – it’s integral that workplaces are able to operate safely and effectively while mitigating the risk of transmission in order to be sustainable."

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