Mentoring – FAQs


What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is where a Mentor assists with the professional development of a Mentee by providing career and/or industry advice.

What is a Mentor?

The Mentor is a skilled or experienced person who provides advice, support, and guidance to facilitate the learning and development of a Mentee.

What is a Mentee?

The Mentee is the person being mentored.

What is Speed Mentoring?

Speed Mentoring is the process where a Mentor provides advice to a Mentee over the phone on an ad hoc basis.

Becoming a Mentor

How can I express my interest? Email ua.ud1500821194e.cin1500821194hcety1500821194lopen1500821194ruobl1500821194em@in1500821194mula1500821194 to express your interest in becoming a Mentor.

What will happen to my details?

Your details will be kept in a confidential file and will not be handed out to other parties.

How will the phone conversation be set up?

You will be sent an email with the Mentees details.
You will need to set up a time to chat over the phone with the Mentee for 15 to 20 minutes about your industry and career.

If you are unable to make the call please email ua.ud1500821194e.cin1500821194hcety1500821194lopen1500821194ruobl1500821194em@in1500821194mula1500821194 so that the Mentee can be notified asap.

Am I under any obligation to maintain the relationship with the Mentee?

No, not unless you are happy to provide it.

What if I don’t want to be a Mentor anymore?

Email contact ua.ud1500821194e.cin1500821194hcety1500821194lopen1500821194ruobl1500821194em@in1500821194mula1500821194 and request that you be removed from the Speed Mentoring file. You will be advised in writing when this has been completed.

How to find a Mentor?

Email contact ua.ud1500821194e.cin1500821194hcety1500821194lopen1500821194ruobl1500821194em@in1500821194mula1500821194  to be matched with a mentor in your specified area of interest. We will search our files to match you with a mentor whose experience and industry knowledge best matches your career goals. You will be notified via email if we do not have a Mentor in your area of interest.

How will the Mentor contact me?

If we have a Mentor in your area of interest you will be sent an email requesting written permission to provide them with your details.
Your name, phone number, email address and area of interest will be emailed to the Mentor who will set up a time for a 15 to 20 minute phone conversation.

What if I would like to have a follow up conversation with the Mentor?

You are welcome to ask if the Mentor is available for a follow up phone call but they are under no obligation to provide you with ongoing support.

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