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If you enjoy the energising and stimulating environment of the arts – then studying drama, theatre arts, music, sound or theatre production could be for you.

Studying music at Melbourne Polytechnic creates opportunities for you to define what contemporary music means today. Engage and build your own links to the music industry and within our large performing arts department. We offer courses within the music business that give you insight, knowledge and contacts to realise your full potential.

Melbourne fosters a dynamic theatre and arts scene with major theatre and performing arts companies. Our sound production programs are practical and and designed to get you into relevant work roles. We focus on real work skills such as studio recording, sound reinforcement systems and post production. Our theatre production courses get you involved in theatre lighting and stage management for a rewarding career.

The Performing Arts department includes:

Certificate I in Work Education - Ignition Theatre
Melbourne Polytechnic's Certificate I in Work Education (Ignition Theatre) will help you find your niche in the theatre and performing arts. Whether your goal is to do further study or to gain employment, we’ll design an individual education program to meet your learning needs

Certificate IV in Music Industry (Sound Production)
Can you hear us? Melbourne Polytechnic can help you start a career in Sound Production with our Certificate IV in Music Industry (Sound Production stream). It's the best place to start developing your knowledge and skills in this exciting field

Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services (Costume for Performance)
Turn your costume-making talent into a career by completing Melbourne Polytechnic's Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services - Costume for Performance stream. This acclaimed and widely recognised course will prepare you for freelance costume-making work or employment in a costume workroom

Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services
Control the action in live production with Melbourne Polytechnic's Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services. If you have a passion for theatre lighting, stage/event management, visions systems and theatre sound, then this popular course will give you comprehensive knowledge and skills to start a rewarding career

Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Make-Up Services)
When you complete Melbourne Polytechnic’s Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Make-up Services stream), you’ll be set for a career in the entertainment industry. If you’re serious about a career as a make-up artist you’ll learn all the tricks of the trade... and your friends will love you at Hallowe'en!

Diploma of Music Industry - Music Production
If your passion is producing your own music and sound designs, Melbourne Polytechnic’s Diploma of Music Industry focusing on Music Production will hone your skills to a professional, commercial-release standard

Diploma of Theatre Arts
Indulge your passion for theatre performance, production and design. Melbourne Polytechnic’s Diploma of Theatre Arts will set the stage for you while you gain comprehensive knowledge and skills for the industry.

Master of Creative Industries
We pleased to introduce our latest post-graduate course - the Master of Creative Industries (MCI). The MCI aims to develop your expertise and update your knowledge necessary to function as an artist or arts professional in the creative industries

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