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Sound Production programs at Melbourne Polytechnic are highly practical and have a focus on Studio Recording, Live Sound Reinforcement and Post Production. Throughout the various programs, students work on a variety of practical projects, which are supported by theoretical knowledge.

The course makes use of a variety of recording experiences ranging from High Definition digital studio recording to analogue mixing and recording of live bands. A wide selection of microphones and audio mixers are used, students gain considerable experience editing using Pro Tools.

Studying sound production at Melbourne Polytechnic provides you with the networking advantages of one of Australia’s largest providers of contemporary music education. Your studies will allow you to create work contacts within a vast student body as well as foster direct links with music industry personnel.

The Performing Arts department includes students doing a wide range of courses:

Sound production students are encouraged to intereact and work with  other students in the Performing Arts  in the wide range of focus areas:

Interaction between these student groups is encouraged via projects and timetabled events throughout the various programs.

Some of the career options and/or employment fields available are:

  • Live-Sound mixer
  • Sound Assistant
  • Sound Technician
  • Studio Engineer
  • Post Production Engineer

Certificate IV in Sound Production
Can you hear us? Melbourne Polytechnic wants to help you start a sound career in sound production. If you want to work in the recording and sound production industry, the Certificate IV in Sound Production will give you the knowledge and skills.

Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services
Cut! Control the action in live production with Melbourne Polytechnic's Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services. If you have a passion for theatre lighting, stage/event management, visions systems and theatre sound, then this popular course will give you comprehensive knowledge and skills to start a rewarding career.

Diploma of Sound Production
Share your passion for music as an expert in the field. If your passion is producing your own music and sound designs, Melbourne Polytechnic’s Diploma of Sound Production will hone your skills to a professional commercial-release standard.

Advanced Diploma of Sound Production
Ease your mind, clear your head, listen up and study peacefully with unparalleled access to teachers and technology. Melbourne Polytechnic’s Advanced Diploma of Sound Production staff-to-student and technology-to-student ratio is second to none.


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