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We offer courses in Real Estate, Property Services and conveyancing that cover the required educational components.

Renewed growth in the real estate industry has increased the demand for people who are qualified and experienced in property management and real estate agency operations. Conveyancing is a highly specialised career path in the preparation of property contracts, titles and settlements.

Some of the career options and employment fields available are:

  • conveyancer
  • conveyancing clerk
  • real estate agent’s representative
Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) - Agent's Representative
Get into the real estate job market on the ground level with our partial Certificate IV in Property Services - Agent's Representative course. If you’re dreaming of work in the industry or want to ultimately own your own real estate business, this course is the essential first step.

Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing (Partial)
Take a step towards obtaining your conveyancer licence with the Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing (Partial) and become an asset to any business in the conveyancing industry.

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